• “When I arrived here first to Killarney, I felt so lonely and alone, until I came to KASI.  Everyone is so kind and helpful and friendly – it’s more than just a drop-in centre.  It’s like a second home to me.”      

    Ahmed Male asylum seeker, Park Lodge
  • ‘My wife and I were really happy when we got our status and started to plan for life outside the hostel.  But then we didn’t know where and how to start…KASI helped us all the way to settle into our new life – from looking for accommodation to finding out what we are entitled to, now that we are recognised as refugees.’

    Muhammed and Fatima Refugees now living in Killarney
  • ‘When I came to Ireland almost three and a half years ago, I was very angry because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  We are not allowed to work and it was frustrating – still is.  But when I started going to KASI, my interaction with people there made me changed my attitude.  The atmosphere there is so nice and friendly.  It’s like home to us asylum seekers.  We can talk and cook and eat and get involved in all sorts of activities.  At least, we have a place where we can go and chat and be ourselves – and no judgement’

    Yamousa Male asylum seeker, Park Lodge
  • ‘I didn’t know anyone when I came here first to Killarney.  KASI has linked me in with other community groups.  I am now involved in other activities in the community and started doing different courses.’

    Hosneara Originally from Bangladesh, now living in Killarney
  • “Before, I used to be just sleeping a lot as there is nothing to do, but since I got involve with the garden, I go there almost everyday and I feel much better.”      

    Zahid Asylum seeker volunteer, Park Lodge
  • ‘I learned so much about other cultures and get to know so many people from different parts of the world, since I started getting involved in KASI community garden.’  

    Norma Local volunteer in KASI Community Garden

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