One of KASI’s project is the community garden, which is located in Ballycasheen, next to St. Oliver’s National School. 

In 2009, St. Brendan’s Trust (Catholic Church) provided KASI with a ¾ acre site to development as a community garden.  Through the help of volunteers, mostly Migrants and Asylum Seekers, the grassland has since been transformed into a beautiful garden and has become a wonderful site around the Rookery Road/Ballycasheen area.  In 2018, the garden won a Biodiversity Award from the Killarney Looking Good Committee.  The KASI has become a space where people learn various gardening skills from various parts of the world and where culture, stories and food are shared!  The KASI Garden also opens doors for promoting what KASI is all about and creating a space for integration to happen in a very informal and ‘organic’ manner.

The garden has a 72 ft polytunnel, 2 garden sheds, a potting shed and about 20 raised vegetable and flower beds of different sizes, shapes and forms.  A medium size log cabin which was erected in 2017, with a kitchen and toilet facilities is a huge addition to the garden. Staff and volunteers could now garden all year round. The log cabin which blends well with the garden has also become an added attraction to the already magnificent garden.

All vegetables and flowers are grown organically and most are grown from seeds.  Most of the vegetable ingredients used in the school canteen project, are grown and sourced from this garden.  KASI also operates a food market and sells some of the vegetables for a very reasonable price.

KASI is indebted to the Catholic Church and St. Brendan’s Trust for giving them the opportunity to transform this ¾ acre site from a grassland into a wonderful site of beauty.

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